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About Campusknot

About Campusknot




Campusknot is a password protected community "walled garden" for students and graduates of Real Estate Success Center to further their education, build their careers and grow. The only requirement is participation.  For the community to add value, everyone should participate in whatever way benefits them the most.  Of course courtesy, ethically behavior and respect are requirements that need not be stated. You all have already been taught or at least exposed to ethical behavior and I’d expect that to continue without having to say it.


I established the community as a place where students can exchange ideas, ask questions, make suggestions or share news through a general school feed plus specific group feeds you choose to join - such as a study group.  Both students and graduates are welcome. Membership includes a Campusknot app for your IOS or Android phone. It is non-intrusive and allows you to take the community with you where ever you are.


This space is designed to benefit the licensee as a place to continue their education through sharing and communicating with others. I’ve planned scheduled online meetings on specific subjects members have requested or new tools to help you build your career.  The emphasis is on learning from each other and sharing what works - no shiny objects, please. :)


I have contacted prospective faculty members from the local industry to share their knowledge and answer questions in their field. I’ve asked specifically for video recordings and podcast covering mortgages, contracts, legal issues, and many more subjects. Members - students or graduates - may request special subjects or problem areas where they would like further information. If that request is chosen, everyone may participate during either the live event or at their leisure with the recordings housed on the platform.


Want to know more before you join.  Call me to discuss. Although Campusknot was designed for the classroom, it’s fast becoming a resource for online educators too.  The video below is from the Campusknot YouTube Channel and from the Take A Tour intro page on their site. This will give you a glimpse of what is available should we decide to utilize everything offered.


Come join us!  We have the opportunity to make Campusknot exactly what we want as a continuous resource of information.

12 months access from date of registration - Cost $35 - Register and pay here


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