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Jill Allred

Thanks so much! I just finished up. This saved me so much time from not having to go attend the class. I have you saved in my "favorites"for future classes!

Jill Allred


Katie Grow


Thank you so much for taking care of me!! ;-)

I hope I didn't cause you anxiety for my lack of patience. I sincerely appreciate your quick response. I found your online course to be thorough and very informative. I have been in this business for 11 years and have taken numerous courses and found this to be concise, practical and memorable. I will take every available online course from you in the future and tell anyone that asks of your professionalism. You are welcome to use this as a customer testimonial and/or give my name and number to any person that requests one.

Thank you again!!

Katie Grow
Affiliate Broker
FaxonGillis Homes, Inc.

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