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Campusknot Has Arrived !!

Campusknot Has Arrived !!



How exciting!  Campusknot has arrived and offers a place where students and graduates of Real Estate Success Center can gather online to communicate, share solutions, ask questions (anonymously if they prefer), and get the latest news from any member.  It takes participation by each member to be successful.  With an emphasis on professional behavior, kindness to everyone and helpful attitude, we will all benefit from being a part of our community.  


Membership is for one year so if a student registers for membership at the beginning of their education process, they will have a place to grow along with others who are going through the same trials until they reach goals and get up and running in their career.  If we work together by promoting goodwill and supporting each other, it will benefit us all.


We are developing a list of faculty so the student and graduates can ask questions of a professional who has extensive knowledge in the field that corresponds with their question - brokerage, legal, mortgage are just a few who've been asked to join us in our password protected community where we learn.


As the owner of the community, I expect to share the Tennessee Real Estate Commission Newsletter and other communique sent to the school.  Important documents will stay there on file as a reference in case we need to look up what was said and when in the future.


We have the ability to set up meetings online inside Campusknot with one student or several at the same time.  Video can be most beneficial.  I can see face to face video conferencing becoming an extremely valuable component of online learning.  Group sessions or single person meetings can help answer many questions so the student can get the most from their content. Graduates are more free to discuss their concerns as they begin to build their career.  They can ask the community for advice on a marketing piece, for example, before sending it out.  We can all help each other in many ways.  Campusknot gives us the opportunity to grow together no matter where you are in the process.


There are many advantages and much work to do to make our community valuable to us all.  Let's get started.

~Sheila Hensley, CDEI, June 17, 2019





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