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Stephan Hovnanian

Stephan Hovnanian

  • Email Marketing, Website Strategy for Small Businesses

It is my great pleasure to spend a quarter of an hour listening to Stephan's ideas and advice to any size business that wants to develop a successful internet stragety.  If something we say needs further clarification, please leave a comment here and we'll get you an answer.


Stephan Hovnanian is the owner of Shovi Websites, a digital marketing firm whose strategies make businesses more connected to their customers in today's attention economy.

Stephan's practical, business-focused mindset means his clients build a web footprint that attracts and retains customers, without resorting to "tips and tricks" that will become obsolete in a few months' time.

He wrote the Google+ Pro Tips ebook series, contributed a chapter about Google+ to the book Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars, and has produced or participated in over 100 live webcasts using Google Hangouts on Air.

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